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About Dr. Rivkin

Surgery Without the Knife

As a Yale-trained cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alexander Rivkin is no stranger to innovation. Early in his career, Dr. Rivkin noticed that most patients were loathe to go under the knife, even if they were thrilled with the results. Dr. Rivkin noticed a need that plastic and cosmetic surgeons alike were failing to meet: surgery without the knife. These procedures, known as non-surgical procedures, are designed to yield excellent results for patients without the need for surgery or recovery, and Dr. Rivkin has always been on the leading edge of these techniques.

Los Angeles revision rhinoplasty expert Dr. Alexander Rivkin.

Of course, Dr. Rivkin continues to believe in innovation, devoting a significant amount of time and research into finding new ways to get patients better results with less pain. In this way, Dr. Rivkin has pioneered procedures as diverse as non surgical jaw reduction to non surgical facelifts and non surgical TMJ treatments. These procedures allow patients to bypass the pain of surgery, giving them a true alternative to get the results that they are after. Dr. Rivkin is a firm believer in this type of treatment, as it provides access to desired results for a wide variety of patients who would otherwise have to pass on these procedures.

Education and Development

In order to make Dr. Rivkin’s vision of a non-invasive-centered approach to aesthetic surgery a reality, he spends a significant amount of training and teaching other professionals in the cosmetic surgery field. He is a prominent member of the national teaching faculties for Allergan, Contura, Johnson and Johnson, Medicis and Bioform. He is also a member of the physician advisory board for Contura.

In fact, Dr. Rivkin’s memberships and associations include the following:

  • Board of Directors, California Association of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Member, American Society Laser Surgery and Medicine
  • Member, American Medical Association
  • Member, California Medical Association
  • Member, Day Spa Association
  • Member, International Medical Spa Association
  • Member, Los Angeles County Medical Society

Dr. Rivkin also regularly conducts training sessions for other cosmetic surgeons. Additionally, he has turned Westside Aesthetics into a world-renowned research institution. He regularly conducts studies for the FDA on new injectables and helping to determine optimal dosage ranges for those injectables. Dr. Rivkin’s contributions to the field of cosmetic surgery are invaluable and help to move the field of non-invasive procedures forward.

Nationally Known

Because of his commitment to innovating procedures, Dr. Rivkin has been featured on a wide range of nationally-broadcast television and news programs. He has been featured on Today, Extra, The Tyra Banks Show, PBS, KNBC-TV, KABC-TV, the Doctors Show and more. In addition to being known for his television appearances, Dr. Rivkin is also known for his charitable contributions, supporting programs as diverse as the Lynne Cohen Foundation for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research to the New West Symphony Orchestra.

Dr. Rivkin and the staff at Westside Aesthetics are even known for rescuing and fostering dogs in the Los Angeles area.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Revision

Among the benefits of the non surgical procedures innovated by Dr. Rivkin is the ability to offer patients who are unhappy with the results of their surgical procedures a way to alter those results in order to make them more satisfactory. In other words, thanks to the development of the non surgical nose job, Dr. Rivkin is also able to offer non surgical revision rhinoplasty. Those patients who are unhappy with the way their final results appear can—instead of seeking out a surgical solution—turn to non surgical revision rhinoplasty.

This echoes Dr. Rivkin’s commitment to giving patients access to aesthetic procedures without the pain and recovery time associated with plastic surgery. In other words, Dr. Rivkin believes that everyone should get the results they’re after, even if they don’t want to undergo plastic surgery—whether for the first time or in a revision capacity.

Bringing Non Surgical Rhinoplasty to Los Angeles

Dr. Alexander Rivkin was the first cosmetic surgeon to perform a non surgical nose job using modern dermal fillers. As such, he is a leader in the field of non surgical rhinoplasty and non surgical procedures more broadly. Therefore, if you find yourself desiring a slightly different aesthetic appearance, you do not need to turn immediately to plastic surgery in order to achieve that result. Today, you can talk to Dr. Rivkin at Westside Aesthetics about your non-invasive, non-surgical options. You may be able to achieve the final look you want without the need for a surgical procedure.

Dr. Rivkin takes pride in being an attentive, available cosmetic surgeon. He knows how important his patients’ time is, and he’s committed to make sure patients receive an excellent overall experience.

You can learn more about this leading Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon at the website of Westside Aesthetics.