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About Westside Aesthetics

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Located in the heart of the cosmetic surgery field—Los Angeles, CA—Westside Aesthetics is a leader and an innovator in non-surgical cosmetic approaches designed to give patients excellent overall results. These results come without the pain or recovery associated with traditional, surgical techniques and, as such, are quite popular with Westside Aesthetics’s California area patients.

Westside Aesthetics was founded by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin, the creator of the non surgical nose job procedure. Serving as the head physician at Westside Aesthetics, Dr. Rivkin has created this website as a source of information for patients who are thinking about a revision or correction to the results of their primary rhinoplasty surgery. He has been helping patients to achieve the nasal appearance they desire through non-surgical revision rhinoplasty for many years.

Meeting the Needs of Patients

These experiences have given him a view into the unique needs of secondary rhinoplasty patients. This website contains the latest information about surgical and non-surgical options, our Los Angeles practice and the innovations and technology we use. We encourage you to browse the pages, look at before and after photos of actual patients, and watch videos to educate yourselves about your options. Our aim is to provide you with the support you need before, during, and after your procedure.
The goal of any nose correction procedure is to improve the form or function of the nose.

Dr. Rivkin has consulted with patients who have undergone rhinoplasties that have left some nasal functions impaired. He also works with patients whose primary rhinoplasty did not help them achieve their aesthetic goals. When you meet our experienced and skilled surgeon, he will provide you with an analysis, based on his experience with more than three thousand patients, and will explain whether surgical revision rhinoplasty or his own non surgical technique is the right choice for you. He will strive to make you feel comfortable and will provide you with the answers you need without pressuring or rushing you towards a decision.

Atmosphere at Westside Aesthetics

At Westside Aesthetics, we strive to give patients a relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere in which to experience cosmetic surgery procedures. We believe that these procedures should be a restorative, exciting process, and so we work hard to ensure that our offices and clinics reflect those values. At our Los Angeles clinic, we work with every patient to ensure a high-quality, relaxing experience, and, above all, excellent results.

About Revision Rhinoplasty at Westside Aesthetics

Revision rhinoplasty is a unique field of plastic surgery. A successful outcome relies upon the surgeon’s specific training and skills, as well as the communication between patient and surgeon. Understanding that this communication is vital, our chief surgeon takes the time to hear your concerns and work with you to identify the most appropriate solution. He will only recommend his quick, affordable and painless technique if he believes that the procedure can truly improve the aesthetics of your nose.

Our office is conveniently located near Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and our dedicated cosmetic team is standing by to help you. Contact us today with any questions or to set up an initial consultation.