The UK-based fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, recently featured Dr. Alexander Rivkin in an eye-opening video essay segment. The video essay, titled “Watch Four Women Get a Non Surgical Nose Job,” is relatively straightforward. In the video, women named Sophia, Caitlin, Kathryn, and Keishada undergo the Non Surgical Nose Job procedure, administered by Dr. Alexander Rivkin.

Although the video itself is only two and a half minutes long, it’s designed to show every aspect of the procedure and process.
In the video, you can see:

  • Dr. Rivkin go through a short consultation with each patient
  • The injection itself for each patient
  • The final results for all four patients
  • A review of how each patient feels about the results

Certainly each segment is abbreviated in the interests of time. But you can certainly see Dr. Rivkin spending time with each of the four patients getting the Non Surgical Nose Job.

And every patient also discusses their reasonings for undergoing the procedure in the first place. These discussions are important in drawing a contrast between a Non Surgical Nose Job procedure and a more traditional, surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

Watching is a Great Way to Learn

Watching a Non Surgical Nose Job take place is a great way to learn just how easy this procedure can be for patients. With just a few quick injections, patients are able to see a significant change in the profile of the nose.

If you want to know more about what a Non Surgical Nose Job procedure can do for you, contact the offices of Dr. Alexander Rivkin, in Los Angeles, to schedule a confidential consultation and begin the process! Many Non Surgical Nose Job procedures can be accomplished in as little as fifteen minutes.

If you want to know more about Dr. Rivkin’s Harper’s Bazaar appearance, you can find the original video essay here.