Dr. Rivkin has been one of the greatest ambassadors of the non surgical rhinoplasty procedures throughout his career. In this latest appearance, Dr. Rivkin is interviewed by Cosmetic Town, an online social community and journal that specializes in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Dr. Rivkin discusses and defines the Non Surgical Nose Job in a way that makes it easy to understand and grasp.

Dr. Rivkin’s Cosmetic Town Interview

Because it is still relatively novel, the Non Surgical Nose Job is still mysterious to some people. It sounds too good to be true, maybe. That’s why every bit of patient education is helpful. The Non Surgical Nose Job uses the injection of dermal fillers in order to shape and contour the nose. Using this technique, Dr. Rivkin or Dr. Cohen can address a wide variety of issues, from a drooping tip to an unsightly bump.

Non Surgical Nose Job for Revision Rhinoplasty

This technique can also be used for Revision procedures. When a patient’s original rhinoplasty procedure does not produce the desired results, sometimes a Non Surgical Nose Job can provide the correction required. The results from a Non Surgical Nose Job, even when used for revision, are usually temporary, although patients can often elect to use Bellafill as a filler in order to achieve effectively permanent alterations to the nose.

If you’re interested in a Non Surgical Nose Job, whether for aesthetic or revision purposes, contact the offices of Dr. Cohen and Dr. Rivkin in Los Angeles, CA.