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Candidates for Revision Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Revision Rhinoplasty Services in Los Angeles

Rhinoplasty procedures are designed to change the appearance of the nose. While every patients is different and must be treated in a way that respects their individuality and uniqueness, there are also some common trends among closely-linked and self-identifying ethnic groups. It should be emphasized that there is a great deal of variability within those ethnic groups; however, there are also concerns that are common to many individuals within those groups. These concerns are sometimes addressed using a rhinoplasty surgery, and, unfortunately, some patients are unhappy with the results of that surgery.

When rhinoplasty results are disappointing, it is natural for patients to want to address whatever aspect of the nose that fails to measure up to the desired results. Often, patients can require revision rhinoplasty because of damage incurred during recovery or because, simply, the procedure did not proceed as planned or there were misjudgments that occurred. In any case, because traditional rhinoplasty is a surgical—and therefore permanent—procedure, addressing the issue will require a second procedure.

That second procedure, however, can often take the form of a non-invasive, non surgical rhinoplasty revision. This non surgical revision rhinoplasty can adequately address the concerns and needs of many patients, and can also address concerns that are common among certain ethnic groups.

It should also be noted that “ethnic” here is meant in very broad terms. Typically, ethnicity refers to a complex range of criteria, including nationality, religion, and so on. We use the term in cosmetic surgery as a way to discuss common services among patients who may self-identify one way or another.

Ethnic Revision Rhinoplasty Procedures

There are several popular ethnic revision rhinoplasty procedures. This is list is not, of course, exhaustive—simply a list of groups and concerns that are commonly brought to the attention of cosmetic and plastic surgeons not only in Los Angeles, but also across the country.

  • African-American Revision Rhinoplasty: One common request among African-American patients is to bring definition to the nose and to address any type of drooping tip. These are issues that can be addressed via surgical rhinoplasty or by non-surgical rhinoplasty, both in an initial or revision capacity.
  • Latino Revision Rhinoplasty: Many cosmetic and plastic surgeons report that their Latino patients generally have thicker skin in the nose. This can make Latino patients particularly good candidates for non surgical revision rhinoplasty, allowing for subtle changes requested by the patient.
  • Middle-Eastern Revision Rhinoplasty: Many cosmetic surgeons report that Middle-Eastern patients often request smaller or “more refined” noses. Many female patients feel as though their noses lack femininity. Many rhinoplasty surgeons address this by adding structure to the nose.
  • Caucasian Revision Rhinoplasty: Many Caucasian patients complain about the steepness or angle of the bridge of the nose, or about the size of the tip. These issues can be addressed both with surgical and non surgical methods.
  • Asian Revision Rhinoplasty: Many Asian and Asian-American patients pursue rhinoplasty to bring definition to the bridge of the nose and to improve the angles of the nose. In a revision capacity, this often means injection filler into the bridge in order to generate the necessary volume.

Your Nose and Your Identity

Most cosmetic surgeons are inclined to help patients achieve their desired results—and most patients want to improve the look of their noses without sacrificing cultural or ethnic markers. Rhinoplasty revision, and non surgical rhinoplasty revision in particular, are particularly adept at emphasizing the unique qualities of each patient.

If you’re considering a Los Angeles non surgical ethnic revision rhinoplasty procedure, contact Dr. Alexander Rivkin, the pioneer of non surgical rhinoplasty, to schedule a confidential consultation.