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Non Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty

Practicing in the cultural hub of Los Angeles, Dr. Alexander Rivkin has seen many patients of diverse cultural and ethnic identities. After all, Los Angeles is a city known for its diversity, and the patients who come to Westside Aesthetics for cosmetic surgery procedures are no different. Sometimes, patients who identify with a certain ethnic group or cultural group will have similar concerns about their noses—and thus, request similar rhinoplasty procedures.

African-American patients often have similar requests for rhinoplasty treatment. Sometimes, patients request treatment because of a wide nasal dorsum (or “bridge” of the nose). Patients may also want wide nostrils changed or a wide nasal tip to be altered. There are both surgical and non surgical means to address these requests. In both cases cosmetic or plastic surgeons will use rhinoplasty procedures to address the desires of the patient while still honoring their individual and self-identified ethnic identities. A surgical procedure, however, will require a long, and sometimes uncomfortable, recovery period. A non surgical procedure will allow the patient to resume normal activities immediately.

Revision Procedures for African-American Patients

This patient is an actual African American Non Surgical Nose Job patient
Revision rhinoplasty procedures for African-American patients can become a necessity for a wide range of reasons. In some cases, the results are damaged after the initial rhinoplasty procedure is completed (for example, a patient who bumps his or her nose immediately after surgery may damage the results). In other cases, the patient (or the plastic surgeon) may simply have no had a full appreciation of how the final look of the nose would interact with the rest of the face. In these cases, to get the desired result, a second rhinoplasty procedure will be required.

Many patients elect to forgo surgery in favor of a non surgical rhinoplasty revision. In cases of African-American patients, this often focuses on the areas that brought the patient in to see a surgeon in the first place.

Wide Nasal Dorsum

When surgery is performed for a wide nasal dorsum, there are some things that can go wrong. The end result may, for example, remove too much material from the bridge of the nose, making it look flat or too thin for the proportions of the face. When patients select a non surgical rhinoplasty revision, Dr. Rivkin will fill the volume of this space in a tasteful and methodical way, ensuring that the bridge of the patient’s nose has the proper amount of volume but does not look overly wide or overly small.

Wide Nostrils

For patients who saw too much or too little change in the wide nostrils they were hoping to see, an additional surgery may be required to effect change. In other cases, however, non surgical approaches can help. Sometimes, by bringing the rest of the nose into alignment with the new nostrils, patients can see a significant improvement. In other words, a cosmetic surgeon will increase the size of the tip of the nose and the bridge of the nose in order to bring the nose into proportion with itself and with the nose.

Wide or Drooping Tip

african american non surgical nose job patient in los angelesSometimes, surgical rhinoplasty can overcorrect a wide or drooping tip. In the worst cases, this overcorrection erases personal or cultural identity that was desired—whether desired later or at the time of the surgery. Non surgical rhinoplasty can revise these results by subtly increasing the size or volume of the tip. Cosmetic surgeons can also change the shape of the tip so that it is no longer drooping. This helps patients achieve an impressive and effective revising of their previous results, even for procedures that don’t, at first glance, benefit from increased volume.

Advantages of Non Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty for African-American Patients

One thing Dr. Alexander Rivkin has noticed form his African-American non surgical revision rhinoplasty patients that come to his Los Angeles practice is that they truly appreciate how quick and efficient the entire process is. A surgical rhinoplasty can take months to schedule and even longer to recover from. But a non surgical procedure can be scheduled in short order and, once the consultation is over, can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes. Because it is so quickly accomplished and because it does not require any kind of recovery time, patient’s lives are uninterrupted. For patients who have experienced the disappointment of rhinoplasty results that don’t live up to expectations, this is a welcome bit of relief.

Patients can also decide whether they want results to last for a number of month or a number of years. This gives patients an incredible amount of control and flexibility, both of which are usually greatly appreciated in a revision setting.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area—or you don’t mind traveling there—and you’d like to know what your rhinoplasty revision options are, contact Dr. Rivkin at Westside Aesthetics to schedule a confidential consultation.