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Surgical and Non Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty Options

Getting a nose job correction in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be complicated. What is commonly referred to as “Asian rhinoplasty” is perhaps one of the most common so-called ethnic rhinoplasty procedures on the market today. Asian and Asian-American patients often see similar features in their noses and, thus, often make similar requests of plastic and cosmetic surgeons. When rhinoplasty is used to address these concerns, it often yields permanent results, but only after a long and uncomfortable recovery process. Indeed, rhinoplasty is often anecdotally known as one of the more painful plastic surgery procedures on the market today. That can make a revision procedure—required if the patient is not satisfied with the end result—a rather intimidating prospect.

Many Asian and Asian-American patients request similar procedure or changes to their nose structures. These include raising the bridge of the nose, decreasing the amount of flaring between nostrils, and adding definition to the bridge. It’s important to note that these changes do not automatically translate to a “Westernized” nose, and most Asian and Asian-American patients are not looking for a “Caucasian” nose. Rather, most patients are simply looking to accentuate their individual and personalized features.

Asian Rhinoplasty Revision

When a patient is unhappy with the results of a surgical rhinoplasty procedure, the only option is to schedule a second procedure designed to correct that which is unsatisfactory. For some patients, as rhinoplasty has a long recovery time, this may not be welcome news. The thought of another surgery and the accompanying recovery could be quite frustrating. However, there are non surgical, alternative methods to revising the results of an unsatisfactory rhinoplasty procedure. For many Asian and Asian-American patients, this means focusing on those areas most commonly addressed by the initial rhinoplasty procedure.

Adding Definition to the Bridge

Sometimes it’s possible that patients see either too much or too little definition added to the bridge of the nose. In those cases, the patient will likely be unhappy with the final results. During a non surgical revision rhinoplasty procedure, dermal fillers can be added to the bridge of the nose either to soften the appearance of the bridge or to add definition to the bridge. In cases where non surgical revision rhinoplasty is performed, Dr. Rivkin will apply pressure to the filler in order to “mold” it into the desired final shape. This can help accentuate or diminish the appearance of the nose.
Asian non surgical nose job patient before and after photo.
Adding definition to the bridge of the nose is one of the most common requests from Asian and Asian-American patients. It’s also not uncommon, then, for this to be a request for revision rhinoplasty as well.

Adding Definition to the Tip of the Nose

When definition is added to the tip of the nose, it is possible that, during surgery or during recovery, that definition somehow diminishes. It is also possible a patient suddenly sees too much definition in the tip of the nose. In either of these cases, a non surgical approach can use dermal filler injections to strategically address either complaint. In cases where there is not enough definition, Dr. Rivkin can use injections to add that definition. In cases where there is too much definition, dermal filler injections can likewise be used to soften the features of the tip.

Correcting Flared Nostrils

Many Asian and Asian-American rhinoplasty patients elect to have overly-flared nostrils corrected with surgery. However, sometimes this can alter the appearance of the nose more than the patient was expecting. In these cases, there are ways that non surgical revision rhinoplasty can alter the overall appearance of the nose in such a way as to make up for the flared nostrils in one way or another. This is accomplished via injections of dermal fillers, and the patient will be able to see the results immediately, affirming or denying whether or not the results are satisfactory.

Advantages of a Non Surgical Approach for Asian and Asian-American Patients

Asian revision rhinoplasty without surgery offers a great deal of advantages over traditional, surgical approaches. Among the most cited advantages is simply time: a tradition revision surgery will require weeks of consultation, surgery, and recovery. It can take months away from your normal routine. A non surgical revision rhinoplasty, however, can be accomplished in as little as fifteen minutes after consultation. Additionally, you will be able to return to your normal routine immediately.

Patients see non surgical rhinoplasty results immediately. If the patient no longer desires those results, most non surgical nose jobs are temporary, so patients can simply wait for the effects to diminish. On the other hand, many dermal fillers also allow for reversal of the effects, so if a patient really does not like the final result, that can be accomplished quite quickly as well.

If you have had a rhinoplasty surgery and you want to change the appearance of your results but you do not want to undergo another surgical procedure, consider talking to Dr. Rivkin at Los Angeles-based Westside Aesthetics about your non surgical revision rhinoplasty options.