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A Second Chance at Your Perfect Nose

If you’re exploring your ethnic nose job revision options in Los Angeles, you’ll like notice that there is a tendency among Western cosmetic surgeons to unconsciously consider Caucasian as a kind of “default” when it comes to ethnic rhinoplasty procedures. This has a detrimental effect on ethnic rhinoplasty in general, as it can lead to a certain stigma. At Westside Aesthetics, we’re very conscious of this fact, and discuss Caucasian ethnic rhinoplasty because we believe this to be as much a reflection of the cultural and social groupings people assign to themselves as any other ethnicity. Patients who identify as Caucasian often have similar desires when it comes to correcting issues with the nose.

These corrections often entail changing the nose to give it more symmetry and to help it work in conjunction with the proportions and features of the face. Often, this centers on three separate areas of the nose. First, many Caucasian patients often request that their nostrils be made to appear more symmetrical. Additionally, Caucasian patients will often desire that the “hump” on the bridge of the nose be evened out, in order to make the bridge of the nose look more straight. And finally, many Caucasian rhinoplasty patients want the tips of their noses to look more defined and more straight.

Caucasian Rhinoplasty Revision

As with any surgical operation, it is possible that patients may not like the final results. This can occur for any number of reasons, including the inherent subjectivity of “attractive” results. However, because rhinoplasty carries with it a recovery time of up to twelve months, patients may find themselves frustrated with their surgical rhinoplasty revision options. In these cases, there are revision rhinoplasty options that are non-surgical in nature that may yield excellent results. These non-surgical revision rhinoplasty procedures are widely available, and they were revolutionized by Dr. Alexander Rivkin at Westside Aesthetics in Los Angeles.

Symmetrical Nostrils

For patients who had rhinoplasty in order to correct symmetry of the nostrils, it can be particularly frustrating when the results do not go according to plan, whether due to an accident in recovery or due to other reasons. However, Dr. Rivkin is able to correct for this asymmetry by injecting dermal filler into the nose. Because the results are instantaneous, it is easy to see whether the final results will be symmetrical or not. In this way, patients can be sure they are satisfied with the results before electing to end the procedure.

Eliminating the Hump in the Nose

Many Caucasian rhinoplasty patients would like to eliminate a bump or hump on the bridge of the nose. The desire is to make the bridge of the nose more traditionally straight. However, there are a couple of results that may require revision. If, somehow, excess material is removed from the nose, it may be necessary to add additional volume to the bridge of the nose. This can be accomplished non-surgically using dermal fillers to volumize any depression that may occur.

The final look from a Caucasian rhinoplasty may also make the patient unhappy because too much of a hump or bump still exhibits on the bridge of the nose. In order to address this non surgically, a cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Rivkin may increase the volume in the rest of the bridge of the nose in order to create a straight angle. In other words, rather than eliminating the bump, the injectable fillers are used to raise the bridge of the nose into a uniform profile, creating a straight line.

Drooping or Undifferentiated Tip

In order to correct a drooping or undifferentiated tip that was not adequately corrected during an initial rhinoplasty surgery, a cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Rivkin may inject filler and then mold that filler while it is still pliable. This gives the cosmetic surgeon a great deal of control over the look of the final results. Additionally, the patient will be able to see those results immediately in order to assess whether they adequately correct the drooping or undifferentiated tip.

The Benefits of Non Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty for Caucasian Patients

For patients who are looking for a revision rhinoplasty procedure but who are a little hesitant to go under the knife, non surgical revision rhinoplasty can offer a wide range of benefits. First and foremost, there is no painful recovery period. With surgical rhinoplasty procedures, revision included, patients may have to wait months for swelling to subside and may have to be in a case or protective casing for weeks. That is not the case with non surgical revision rhinoplasty.

Explore Your Ethnic Nose Job Revision Options

Additionally, non surgical Caucasian revision rhinoplasty–as well as across wide ethnic boundaries–allows patients to see the results immediately and tell the cosmetic surgeon whether those results are satisfactory. It is also worth noting that non surgical revision rhinoplasty procedures can be accomplished incredibly quickly—in as few as fifteen minutes after the consultation is over. This is a significant improvement over traditional, surgical rhinoplasty, which can take a significant chunk of time out of a patient’s life for a long duration.

If you are unhappy with your rhinoplasty results but you have no desire to go under the knife yet again, contact Dr. Alexander Rivkin at Westside Aesthetics in Los Angeles to set up a consultation about your desired final results.