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The Nose is a Central Feature

As a central feature of the face, the nose carries a lot of weight. As such, it is also one of the most commonly requested features to be altered using plastic or cosmetic surgery. This is certainly true of the Latino patients that come to see Dr. Rivkin at his Westside Aesthetics cosmetic surgery clinic. In some cases, however, Latino rhinoplasty patients will decide to pursue plastic surgery procedures that involve traditional, scalpel-based techniques.

Traditional, surgical rhinoplasty can be quite taxing on the structures of the nose, though the results achieved are often excellent. Recovery can be quite extensive, and it may take several months for swelling to completely diminish. As the final results become more and more visible, some patients may find themselves unhappy with the results. Surgical rhinoplasty produces permanent results, so changing the final look will require additional rhinoplasty procedures. Patients have the option of undergoing surgical revision rhinoplasty or non surgical revision rhinoplasty.

Common Desires of Latino Patients

As a hub of diversity, Los Angeles is home to a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities. The term “Latino” generally refers to people who identify their ancestry in Latin-America (this is to be differentiated from the term “Hispanic,” which refers to a relationship based on the speaking of the Spanish language). Many Latino patients who desire rhinoplasty have similar desires or similar complaints about their current noses. Many Latino patients, for example, point to a wide nostril base or flared nostrils as a point of discomfort. Other patients are bothered by a dorsal hump—or a hump in the bridge of the nose. And still others complain of a lack of definition in the nose, often caused by a combination of thick skin and weak cartilage.

Latino rhinoplasty procedures often address these areas, and do so in a way that does not diminish the cultural, social, and ethnic heritage that the patient wants to hold on to.

Revision of Rhinoplasty Results

As with any surgical rhinoplasty procedure, it may sometimes take the patient a considerable amount of time to realize that he or she does not like the result. In these cases, a revision rhinoplasty procedure is required.

Flared Nostrils or Wide Nostril Base

When rhinoplasty is used to correct flared nostrils or a wide nostril base, surgeons will generally work to make the nostrils appear more narrow and more structural. It’s possible to overdo or underdo this effect and if the patient is not happy with the outcome, it’s possible to use non surgical rhinoplasty to correct the deficiency.Actual Latino before and after non surgical rhinoplasty patient. In these cases, a cosmetic surgeon may use dermal filler injections to help fill in volume in the nostrils or provide extra structure to the nose. Because the nose is a vital component to the proportions of the face, these procedures are done with great care to how all aspects work together.

Undefined Tip

When patients seek surgical treatment for a undefined tip or weak cartilage, plastic surgeons will often do a cartilage graft to strengthen the appearance of the tip. With non surgical revision rhinoplasty, this effect can often be generated using dermal fillers to give the tip the appearance of more defined volume. Together with strategic injectable placement elsewhere in the nose, this non surgical approach can effectively give patients the overall look that they are looking for. For patients seeking a rhinoplasty revision, this can be quite the relief, as it means that they do not have to undergo another lengthy recovery period.

Hump in the Bridge of the Nose

Mitigating a dorsal hump—or a bump in the bridge of the nose—is one of the most common requests that rhinoplasty experts receive. Many rhinoplasty patients are upset when, after they are through with recovery, they can still see the bump, necessitating a revision procedure. Non surgical rhinoplasty, however, is able to help make this bump disappear. Where surgical procedures might remove tissue from the nose, non surgical rhinoplasty essentially uses dermal fillers to enhance and smooth out the bridge of the nose, ensuring that the patient sees an appealing angle of the bridge.

Benefits of Non Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty for Latino Patients

Having spoken with his Latino non surgical revision rhinoplasty patients at his Los Angeles cosmetic surgery clinic, Dr. Rivkin hears often during follow up appointments that patients very much appreciate how quickly they could go back to their usual activities. Non surgical revision rhinoplasty requires no down time, and the procedure can usually be fully accomplished in as little as fifteen minutes after the consultation is over. This gives patients of revision rhinoplasty a great deal of flexibility in choosing the time and place of their revision procedures.

If you have had a rhinoplasty surgery and you are not happy with the results, there is a good chance Dr. Alexander Rivkin will be able to offer a non surgical solution. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact their Los Angeles cosmetic surgery clinic, Westside Aesthetics.