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Middle Eastern

Ensuring You Get the Nose Job Results You Want

As a hub of worldwide diversity, it’s no surprise that there are numerous requests for rhinoplasty from Los Angeles-based plastic surgeons—just as it’s no surprise that many of those requesting rhinoplasty are of Middle-Eastern descent and ethnicity. Of course, the term “Middle-Eastern” is itself somewhat problematic and can often be conflated with terms such as “Persian,” or other terms—however, in this case, we use it only as broad term to discuss commonalities in nasal structure and in requests for rhinoplasty.

To say that many Middle-Eastern patients request similar changes to their noses is not to suggest that all Middle-Eastern noses are the same. Indeed, as with any rhinoplasty procedure, the individual characteristics of the nose always have to be taken into account. However, plastic and cosmetic surgeons have noticed that Middle Eastern or Middle-Eastern-American patients often have similar requests. Many of those requests focus on the tip of the nose being too large and, for patients who are women especially, increased feminization of the nose.

Non-Invasive Middle Eastern Nose Job Revision

When any patient undergoes a surgical rhinoplasty procedure, it can take several weeks for the swelling to diminish to a manageable level. This means it can be several weeks before a surgical patient knows whether he or she will like the final results. If the patient does not like the results, it can further be months before a second procedure can be scheduled, as a plastic surgeon will have to wait for the recovery period to be over before a revision procedure can be accomplished. A second recovery period, possibly as long as the first, will follow any surgical revision procedure.

Non surgical revision rhinoplasty, however, can generate results without the need for a long recovery. Indeed, non surgical revision rhinoplasty generates instant results. This makes it a particularly appealing revision procedure for patients who have already undergone a surgical rhinoplasty procedure. For patients who identify as Middle-Eastern, this often entails revising one of the following original procedures.

Narrowing of the Tip

Patients who identify as Middle-Eastern often request that the tip of their noses be narrowed in order to avoid the appearance of a “bulbous” nose. Usually, this is accomplished surgically, but it’s possible for surgeons to overcompensate and narrow the nose too far for the proportions of the patient’s face. In these cases, non surgical revision rhinoplasty can be used to re-volumize the tip of the nose without sacrificing the structure that will keep the nose looking just narrow enough.

Narrowing of the Nostrils

Many Middle-Eastern rhinoplasty patients often request to have their nostrils narrowed. This is usually accomplished surgically by removing tissue. However, in some cases, it’s possible for too much tissue to be removed or too little. In order to adjust the appearance of the nose in a non surgical way, a cosmetic surgeon may inject filler around the nose in order to shape the overall appearance so that your nostrils reflect the image that you’re going for.

It’s true that, non-surgically, there is only so much that can be done to change the size of the nostrils. However, sometimes altering the rest of the nose can provide the appearance that the patient is looking for.

Smaller, More Feminine Nose

Many female Middle Eastern patients request a smaller, more traditionally feminine nose. Sometimes the best way to accomplish that is through surgery, but if the nose is made too small for the face, revision may be necessary. In cases where the nose needs to be built back up, cosmetic surgeons can offer patients a non-surgical alternative in which they use dermal fillers to add volume and structure to the nose. This creates a subtle effect, but it’s often enough to get the desired results.

Additionally, sometimes patients will request a smaller nose when what they really want is a more structured nose. Non surgical rhinoplasty can provide this structure via the use of dermal filler injections. In these cases, the patient can avoid further surgery—or even an initial surgical operation.

The Advantages of a Non Surgical Approach

It should not be surprising, perhaps, that many patients consider surgery to be a major inconvenience. To be fair, many patients often find plastic surgery to be worth that inconvenience. But patients that have no received optimal results may be even more hesitant to go under the knife. Non surgical revision rhinoplasty offers an alternative to surgical procedures, meaning that patients who otherwise may have been content to have a nose they weren’t thrilled with can now seek out treatment and get the nose they really want.

If you are considering a rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty procedure, but you want to avoid the pain and length of recovery, non surgical rhinoplasty revision may be the best way to achieve your results. Contact Dr. Rivkin at Westside Aesthetics, located in Los Angeles, to schedule a consultation today.