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Patient Resources

Finding the Rhinoplasty Resources You Need

We encourage all of our patients to continue to look for and find resources pertaining to rhinoplasty procedures–in particular the non surgical rhinoplasty. Patients who want to know more about the non surgical nose job can visit our sister site at

We also offer a great deal of information on our main website, at

The non surgical nose job is quickly becoming an incredibly popular procedure. It’s already spread from coast to coast and is one of the most popular means of getting rhinoplasty results. The patient resources listed above are designed to help you get more information about how this procedure can help you.

Benefits of Non Surgical Nose Job

The benefits of non surgical rhinoplasty procedures, especially when performed by a rhinoplasty expert such as Dr. Rivkin, are substantial. Those benefits include the following:

  • An improved profile of the nose
  • Correction of droopy tip or malformed bridge
  • Nearly instant results
  • Nearly no downtime or recovery; only mild bruising is possible
  • Patients get to see their results right away, meaning they have a lot of input in terms of when it’s “right”
  • Non surgical nose job procedures produce only very mild discomfort, usually described as a pinching sensation
  • Non surgical nose job procedures can add volume to the nose

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of non surgical rhinoplasty is how it compares to its surgical counterpart. Surgical rhinoplasty can be a slow process–the surgery takes time and recovery can take anywhere between six and twelve months (you’re back to work much sooner, but swelling can persist). With a non surgical nose job procedure, you’re in and out in about thirty minutes. Of course, results are usually temporary, but you can get regular maintenance injections to preserve those results.

If you’re thinking about a non surgical nose job procedure or if you want a rhinoplasty revision using non surgical techniques, contact Dr. Rivkin to schedule an immediate consultation. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you get started on your transformation!