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Revision Procedures

Getting it Right with Revision Rhinoplasty

In some cases, a patient will be unhappy with his or her surgical rhinoplasty procedure. It can take some time to reach this realization, as rhinoplasty can involve a lengthy recovery. A patient who is unhappy with his or her result has the option of undergoing what is called a revision rhinoplasty procedure. Because rhinoplasty is a procedure that produces permanent results, it will take another procedure to alter those results. So how does revision rhinoplasty work? Traditionally, this has been accomplished using another surgical rhinoplasty, which can be a frustrating prospect for patients who must wait up to twelve months to fully recover from each procedure.

However, in some cases, an additional surgical procedure is simply unavoidable. In certain circumstances, revision rhinoplasty surgery will successfully give patients the look that they are after, and sometimes the plastic surgery procedure can actually be less complex or painful than the first time. In other cases, patients may be able to achieve their desired look with a non surgical rhinoplasty revision procedure. This allows patients to achieve a satisfactory result without having to go through a painful surgery and recovery process yet again.

To see what a non surgical rhinoplasty revision can do you for you, check out our before and after gallery.

Learning More About Revision Rhinoplasty

This site is designed to make information available to patients who are investigating revision rhinoplasty options. Among the areas covered by the site are the following:

  • When is a Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Recommended? – This information is designed to help patients assess when a surgical revision rhinoplasty procedure may be the optimal way to achieve their desired results. This may especially be the case when the final result is a nose that is too large or exhibits excess tissue.
  • Preparing for a Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery – In most cases, a revision rhinoplasty surgery is quite an undertaking, and there are steps a patient can take in order to prepare for that undertaking. These steps help the process move more quickly and efficiently.
  • The Day of Your Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery – Usually performed as an outpatient procedure, revision rhinoplasty surgery nonetheless carries with it a significant recovery period; that recovery period begins on the day of surgery. Plastic surgeons generally give patients a very specific set of instructions, detailing not only what the day of surgery will entail, but also how to handle recovery.
  • What to Expect After Revision Rhinoplasty – Because the end results often depend largely upon protecting the nose from unexpected bumps or impacts, revision rhinoplasty surgery often carries with it a set of strict recovery instructions. This page will help you anticipate what you can expect after a surgical revision rhinoplasty procedure.
  • How Much Does Revision Rhinoplasty Cost? – The cost of any procedure is important, especially when comparing options.

Non Surgical Nose Job in the Media

This procedure has been featured in a wide variety of media:

Non Surgical Alternative to Revision Rhinoplasty

For those patients who are less interested in an invasive, surgical procedure, there are alternative, non surgical rhinoplasty procedure that, in some cases, can generate highly satisfactory results. To learn more about those non surgical revision rhinoplasty options, contact Dr. Alexander Rivkin at Westside Aesthetics to schedule a confidential consultation.

A non surgical revision rhinoplasty in Los Angeles could let you sidestep another long, painful recovery and still get the final results you were looking for.