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Preparing for Surgery

Getting Ready for Nose Job Surgery

The best way to prepare for your revision rhinoplasty surgery is to follow your plastic surgeon’s advice. It may have been a while since your primary nose reshaping procedure, so it is best to ask for this information in writing again as things may be different the second time around.

During your consultation and any preoperative visits, your surgeon will tell you what you can and can’t do in the days and weeks leading up to your revision rhinoplasty surgery. This likely includes avoiding aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen as these can increase your risk of bleeding. (If you are not sure if any of your over-the-counter or prescription medication falls into this category, ask your surgeon!)

Some “natural” herbs and supplements may also increase your risk of bleeding. Let your doctor know about everything that you take on a regular basis. If these supplements are potent enough to improve any aspect of your health, they are also powerful enough to cause side effects or interfere with your revision rhinoplasty surgery.

It is also wise to avoid alcohol in the days leading up to your nose reshaping surgery. If you smoke, you should quit in advance of your revision rhinoplasty surgery. Smoking will increase your risk of infection, poor healing and even tissue death. Importantly, your surgeon will tell you the absolute last time you can eat or drink before your revision rhinoplasty surgery. It is very important that you follow these instructions and ask questions if you are at all unclear.

What Do I Do When My Nose Job Doesn’t Turn Out?

Many patients wonder, what do I do when my nose job doesn’t turn out? The solution may be this surgical procedure, and that may require some extra preparation on your part. You may be asked to undergo some routine blood tests and/or a medical exam before your revision rhinoplasty surgery.
Your surgeon will likely discuss the type of anesthesia required for your revision rhinoplasty surgery. If you or anyone in your immediate family has had problems with general anesthesia, let your surgeon know this as well.

How to Prepare for Nose Job Revision: Getting Ready for Recovery

Part of preparing for your revision rhinoplasty surgery involves planning for your return back home after the procedure. Line up a close friend or family member to pick you up from the hospital or surgery center and take you back home. If you are traveling for the procedure, confirm all of your reservations in advance.

You may be out of commission for a few days after your surgery. Be prepared. This includes filling any prescriptions in advance and having recovery supplies on hand such as prepared meals, ice packs to help with swelling, toiletries and a thermometer to monitor for a fever, which could indicate an infection. Ask your surgeon what else you may need to have close by during your revision rhinoplasty recovery.

Keep a list of important phone numbers including your surgeons by your bedside so you have easy access. Also, consider investing in Netflix or another service so you can watch all of those TV shows and movies you have been meaning to watch and download some relaxing tunes, podcasts or books on your Ipod.

Preparing for revision rhinoplasty surgery will help assure a smooth recovery.