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What to Expect After Surgery

Your Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery Starts Soon After Your Surgery is Completed

You may remember a little bit about your recovery after your primary nose surgery, but your revision rhinoplasty recovery may be different.

The revision nose surgery may be more involved than the initial procedure or it may be just a minor fine-tuning. For example, a revision rhinoplasty that uses cartilage grafts or implants typically is a more complex surgery and has a more significant recovery period. By contrast, a non-surgical revision rhinoplasty using fillers has a much shorter recovery period than a traditional open or closed rhinoplasty. Your surgeon will discuss what you should expect after your revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Your plastic surgeon will provide written instruction on what you can and can’t do during your revision rhinoplasty recovery. This will include clear guidelines on when you can resume normal activities and strenuous activities, return to work and/or wear glasses (which rest on your nose), how to sleep and when to shower among other things.

What to Expect After Your Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery: Bruising and Swelling

Remember we all heal differently and every surgery is unique, but in general the swelling after revision rhinoplasty may last for several weeks. Bruising is usually gone within two weeks.

There are some natural supplements that may aid your revision rhinoplasty recovery including Arnica montana and bromelain (an extract derived from pineapple stems). These supplements may reduce swelling immediately after the revision rhinoplasty. Ask your plastic surgeon which supplements to take. Ice packs also help reduce swelling.

What to Expect After Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery: Risks

Serious complications after revision rhinoplasty are rare, but all surgeries confer their share of risks.For revision rhinoplasty, these may include infection, bleeding and/or trouble breathing. If grafts or implants were used, as they sometimes are in revision nose reshaping surgeries, the implant may shift. Some complications may require another surgery. There is also the risk that you will not be happy with the cosmetic results of your nose surgery. Your surgeon will discuss all potential risks with you before your revision rhinoplasty surgery.

The best way to increase your chances of an uneventful revision rhinoplasty recovery period is to follow your surgeon’s instructions. If something doesn’t feel or seem right, call your surgeon immediately.

If you would like to avoid the risks and downtime of revision rhinoplasty surgery, you may be a candidate for non surgical revision rhinoplasty. This is an office based injection procedure that can correct some of the cosmetic complaints that patients have after rhinoplasty. To see if you are a candidate for non surgical revision rhinoplasty, contact a non surgical revision rhinoplasty specialist.